Friday, November 11, 2005

Actually getting your Money!

Ok so today I got up to $39 bucks, so I decided that I better make sure I can actually access this money. First I tried transferring $2 last night to my bank account, on the Amazon side everything said it went fine....But my bank account has yet to show the deposit (it's been 24 hours)...I assume that my bank has to manually approve it, and it hasn't been open since I deposited it (today's a holiday)

Then today I tried transferring some to an Amazon gift certificate balance. It was there instantly and I used it to buy Mario Kart DS, which I paid nothing for out of my pocket, everything from my Mturk money, which feels great. Basically it just cost me time that I would've spent pointlessly talking and surfing the web. And hopefully there's more to come.

Good Luck Mturking your way to victory.


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