Thursday, November 24, 2005

Podcast HIT's

I haven't gotten to try these myself, and there's only been a few, but Podcast HIT's are here. Basically you type what is said. Pretty basic. I've heard they pay 2 cents or 10 cents. I assume the company is testing them and plans on paying a regular amount once they are done with testing.

In other news the servers are running well, and I just ordered myself a new computer monitor with MTurk money (to replace my 7 year old one I am using). As well I bought an adapter on ebay, so that I can try Turking with a console controller (I hope it works with my wavebird)


Blogger Rachel said...

Hi, i'm the person behind the podcast HITs.

We are indeed playing around with the pricing right now and will be adjusting it for the next few weeks I imagine.

You can see our fledgling podcast search at A9's open search (search for podcast and look for the bright orange logo).

1:33 PM  

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