Monday, November 21, 2005

Some Enlightenment from Jeff Bar

Here's a few tidbits from posts by Jeff Bar (on Turker Nation), a member of the Amazon Web Services Developer Relations Team.

"In the future there could very well be special types of HITs that would be easier to do through some type of client than through a web interface. Things like listening to some music clips, manipulating 3D objects, watching movies come to mind. The MT concept and the HIT model are both pretty general, and all of these are within the realm of what can be done."

Jeff really shows us how wide of a variety of HIT's could show up, heck you could even be drawing cartoon characters...which would rock. MTurk could become this massive sort of place with HIT's for people with all types of skills (unlike the current Image Adjustments which are basically mindless work). And some of that sounds pretty fun to do, heck I watch movies and listen to sound clips for entertainment....heh.

Then we have

"The response to the Turk concept has been gratifying. While I can't go into any specifics, we are talking to a number of organizations about getting HITs of all types into the Turk over the course of the coming weeks, months, and years."

Personally I've been very curious as to whether we are going to be seeing any HIT's from someone other the Amazon, because the system is really built to work with mostly 3rd party HIT's rather then just one's from Amazon. From this I get the feeling some new HIT's will be appearing soon from 3rd parties and they might rock.

Now to be fair, let's remember this is someone who works in Amazon's Web Services, employees tend to get overexcited about the possibilities of a new product, and often times many things in the vision never happen. But even if MTurk dies, I can see things like it being created by many other companies. Like Google, Yahoo, and small startups. Really the MTurk setup is a much better way to use extra time then mindlessly wandering the web. And perhaps if it stabilizes, could be the equivalent of a full time job.


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