Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thank You Chris Thomas

So today I decided to have another look at Chris Thomas's "Amazon Mechanical Turk Quicker Image Adjustment" GreaseMonkey Script, and it's come a long way. Still a few annoyances, like I can't set it to full page, and the yellow pages link are annoying, and I don't like the one click submit instead of select. But overall it has a nice set of impressive features, like thumbnail zoom, keyboard only, and auto-accepting of HIT's. So go over and check it it out. (btw he somehow managed to fix the memory leak issue)

Personally I am now using a self-modified version of the script in which I changed it so that clicking an image only selects it, instead of selecting and submitting.


Anonymous The Flaming Cow said...

I would be very interested in your self-modified script. It's one thing I've been wanting as an option in the released script. Could you post it for the Turking community and I? Thanks!

4:50 PM  

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