Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another use for mTurk

As I was wondering the net, I stumbled upon a blog post in which the writer plans on using mTurk to correct the page numbers on books on his site.

"I know that some of the page numbers of D&D books are wrong. I'll eventually get around to fixing that in Mechanical Turk."

Although mTurk has already been used for the extraction of data from images (Acris). It hasn't been used for retrieving page number data. This could be a very quick and unstressful sort of HIT. I'm also looking forward to the first HIT's where, unlike podcast transcribing, you type out the text on images (or tag them). Though with the writings being paragraphs and such, not a few numbers like Acris HIT's. I know many companies have been digitizing there records to stay up in this digital age so I wouldn't be surpised to see such HIT's.


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