Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Developers Get 1,000 Cash Back from Amazon

Amazon has just started a promotion in which developers paying for $2,000 worth of HIT's will get $1,00 back. That's a great deal...Has got me thinking about what I might be able to use mTurk's massive army of workers for.

Now my first thought was....Wait a sec scammers could have a heyday. You know make a large amount of HIT's, stick a qualification that only your friends or others in your organization can pass. And bam...You just ripped Amazon off of 1,000 bucks...Repeat with different accounts. But they have it covered (in those official rules that nobody reads)

Qualifying HITs
To qualify for a credit each HIT must: (1) be of a nature that could be completed by any Worker with a reasonable level of skill in the task required by the HIT; (2) not require a particular qualification, knowledge of passwords or knowledge of specific facts that Requester knows are known only to an individual Worker or small group of Workers; and (3) if the Requester is an entity, not be completed by a Worker that is an employee, contractor, shareholder, director, or affiliate of the Requester; or if the Requester is an individual, not be completed by an immediate family member or co-worker of Requester or reside at the same address as the Requester. The price charged by Requester for the HIT must be, in Amazon Mechanical Turk’s sole discretion, a reasonable approximation of the value of the HIT. The transaction between Requester and Worker must be, in Amazon Mechanical Turk’s sole discretion, a bona fide purchase of services.

In short it says that qualifing HIT's have to have no qualifications, and that they have to be easy enough that most workers can do podcasts are in....But doing someone's 12 page college essay on neutrons is out. Which I should seriously start....a service that students can submit homework to do on and get completed for a moderate fee. I wonder how teachers would combat such a thing. As well you could have entire websites, in which the creator simply finds the basic infomation and then submits it to mturkers to write out articles and such. Ah now my mind is running away with ideas, heh.


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