Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I Just Realized Something

Tonight while doing "Survey Verification" HIT's (there were about 15 thousand of them) I had my scripts turned off and was using mTurk's "Automatically accept the next HIT" feature. I found this to be a nice alternative to GreaseMonkey scripts, but then I realized that it's far superior because with it you don't get the "This HIT has already been Accepted" message.Ever. Because it's assigning you one, not showing you one.

Just felt like pointing that out. It rocks, one less annoyance in mTurk, and a reason to take auto-accept out of scripts and just use mTurk's. Also this is a smart move by Amazon because for those usually auto-accept scripts it just wastes there bandwidth and ties up the server. And old move, but I didn't realize what it had really changed until I finally had a massive amount of HIT's to use it on.


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