Sunday, December 25, 2005

Rank your Top 3 Qualification

I'm not sure when this showed up, but a new qualification called "Rank your Top 3" Verifier has shown up. The description is as follows.

This qualification allows you to be a verifier for "Rank Your Top 3" HITs. Your task will be to ensure that submissions are accurate. Your ability to continue as a verifier for these HITs depends on you consistently submitting high quality work. If your work quality does not remain high, your qualification score will be reduced and you may no longer be eligible to be a verifier.

Oddly enough, when I took the test, there is only one question, in which it tells you to check mark a box and then click submit and then you're done. I passed with 100 percent, I suppose this is anti-idiot protection or something. Or perhaps a test of the qualification system.


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