Friday, May 05, 2006

The Sheep Market

Remember drawing all those sheep? Well here's the result of your work. Despite this site showing 10,000 sheep being crazy, it's really cool. I mean seriously who doesn't want to look at 10,000 different sheep?!

Also Aaron Koblin gives us some cool statistics like the average time spent on each sheep (105 seconds) And then you can buy a plate of the sheep for 20 dollars (the sheep are lickable adhesive stamps).

Though most of these sheep are crapfully drawn (he gave us a pen, no eraser and 2 cents. Not much to work with considering all Turkers are lazy, don't deny it!)

So ya be sure to check it out, and then go come up with your own crazy idea. The only thing left to ask is, Aaron is your house covered in sheep stuff? What's with the sheep obsession? Why not horses or something? Is this a personal thing?! Ok enough of that.


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