Tuesday, March 28, 2006

HIT: SingASound

I'm lost. SingASound has one HIT up in which it has you go here, there you try to imitate a tone. Which basically makes me think either they are developing a brilliant midi to human sound converter (which would be so weird...But cool) Or have go insane. Seriously....What is this for?

OK, my bewilderment aside. The HIT paid 2 cents for 8 second of work (you have to make the tone noise for 8 seconds). As well the site asks for your Turker ID, something that I know of no easy way to acquire. Luckily I have mine from when Casting Words emailed them out, so I was able to complete this HIT.

Anyways, I'll be keeping an eye on the SingASound folk and I'll be picking my brain trying to figure out if they are brilliant or just crazy.


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