Friday, July 07, 2006

Compliment Me!

Wow, I've been lazy and haven't had a proper post in a while...Sorry. Anyways a great HIT that I noticed is entitled Compliment Me.

Here's the instructions from Kyle Consalus
Write at least a paragraph (3 sentences or more) in English that praises my character, moral strength, physical appearance, intelligence, and/or humility. Entries completely lacking in effort will be rejected, but any reasonable and attempt to compliment me would be great.
I'm male, I have brown hair and hazel eyes, and I'm generally above average.
Make me feel awesome.
Now Kyle, I don't think you are just a depressed loser with low self esteem that is paying others 10 cents to raise it. Rather I think you have some sort of a funny idea to do with these things. But this raises a lot of ideas in my mind....Like say the poor guy who sucks at writing love letters but wants to impress his wife, why not explain a few things and get one written for him. Or perhaps we can go down the road of sadness and have people post there picture and Turkers compliment them on various features like their oversized nose giving them a very defined face.

Heh. Sounds like fun. So Kyle, I'd just like to say that no matter how you feel there we always be a special place for you. I don't know where this place is....And I'll try not to care. But it's out there, try not to get in to too much trouble finding it.

Thanks for laugh.


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