Saturday, May 20, 2006

Scheduled Outage

Via mTurk, "We are taking an extended outage starting May 21st at 8:00pm PDT. Please do not accept any hits that you cannot complete before that time."

Obviously this means they are deleting mTurk due to it being full of Rank your Top 3 HITs, something that only really bored woman do. Just kidding, I'm guessing they are rearranging their database system or something that primary deals with internal server type junk. That you won't notice except in that error pages will become a rare sighting...Or a common one. Or there might be some changes to the interface and API and junk...I don't know.

Who knows....Just don't start crying when you login at 8:01pm Sunday and can't spend the next 2 hours transcribing a podcast of a guy talking about how much he misses his cat that was recently ran over and then goes on to rant about how his wife leaving him was his mother's fault and then later to top it off is so drunk that he throws up on his keyboard....

You just won't be able to have that much fun Sunday night...Sorry. So hey go out on the town and do some research for those Rank Your Top 3 HITs, figure out just wear the best place is to get drunk, go Go-carting and sneak a kiss in Seattle. (Hint: It's not your house)


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