Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Dry Day

Today has been a very dry day....Almost no HIT's except "Confirm Artist Name"'s

Which tend to have a very high rejection rate for most people. Personally I credit the dryness of this weekend to the holiday, since it's been 4 days since a normal work day, I suspect there are many bots running around eating up HIT's and the banhammer has yet to come down on them.

In other news, the new wrapper is nearing was scheduled for tonight but alas the lack of Image Adjustment HIT's has kept it from final we have something to look forward to tomorrow.


Anonymous eVox said...

Ah good. If you happen to need more testing or feedback, my roommate and I are both turkers who dont sleep much and sit here with refresh skills to grab the few hits that are up :]

1:39 PM  
Anonymous eVox said...

never mind, got confused reading your post :]

1:46 PM  

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