Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Amazon is Setting a Bad Example

This morning I have seen several of the Product Question HIT's. Which ask a question like "Where is the best place to change your oil in New York?". Or 'What is the best 5mp digital camera for your money?" Things like that, these are obviously tests of a system, perhaps signs of a future feature on Amazon where users could ask a product questions in human form, and then Turkers could answer it for them. But tests cost money, these HIT's pay 2 cents. Amazon should be able to put up more then 2 cents per an HIT for development. These HIT's should pay 50 cents or more and I expect they will. But I think Amazon should be a good example and actually pay Turkers for the test HIT's. As well you are going to get different results based on what you pay. If you pay a worker 1 cent to research processors, they are going to give you a quick bit. But if you pay them 3 dollars. You can count on them really doing there homework for 30 minutes or so. So testing with low payments doesn't necessary show you the results that you will get at higher prices.


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