Monday, February 06, 2006

Adsense Powered by mTurk from Amazon

Rumors are floating around, that Amazon plans on launching an ad network that would rival Google's Adsense. So where does mTurk come in? Adsense claims to check over ads for TOS compliance and approriateness in general. mTurk would be a much cheaper solution to this then salaried employees. As well Amazon could offer a service in which mTurkers would write the ads for clients. Simply provide a link to your website, choose the ad type, and mTurkers design your ad for you. You approve it and bang, minimal effort, high quality, cheap advertising. Heh. Someone needs to create a "Powered by mTurk" logo, for websites to proudly display.

In short, I hope this is more then just a rumor, for more mTurk work (possibly) and an end to Google's dominance of web advertising (which scares me because Adsense is everywhere).


Blogger erica said...

Your "then"s should be "than"s.

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