Monday, February 06, 2006

Crikey Guru Launched!

Crikey Guru's Beta started today. What is it? A simple way to make HIT's from the Casting Words Crew.

Here's the official description:
Ask your question, set your price. We have thousands of people ready to answer your question, do your task. Get one answer or get a thousand. Harness the wisdom of the crowd. Conduct a poll. Get someone to take a picture of the house you grew up in. Ask for people's opinions on anything and everything. The sky's the limit!

Right now it only supports simple instructions and then a text box for the answer to be returned via. Then you enter your email, and they send you the results. Pretty sweet, for more answers to your curiosity check out the FAQ.

Edit: I got my answer. Bob Kane created Batman...I should've thought of something harder.


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