Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Von Kempelen enters the Stage

A company called "Von Kempelen" has come out with 3 services powered by mTurk.

1st off we have vk Voice, a text to speech service. Basically they get text via RSS feed, email, web forms etc. And then send it off to us Turkers to record.

2nd we have vk Translator, workers simple translate text from whatever language to whatever language specified.

3rd we have vk Custom, which they state they will help plug your business into mTurk. I assume writing any programs and such the business may need for it.

Right now to start off you have to email them. I haven't seen any HIT's from them and qualifications from them are labeled as the company "Santa Cruz Tech" (the makers of Von Kempelen). So ya we will see how this works out. I can't wait till I can do some text to speech work, sounds fun.


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