Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Image Den

Image Den is a service that a few things have been flying around about. I've avoided it...Because it's mine.

Image Den is my hobbyist venture into being an mTurk requester. I will do my best to not self-promote here, or allow it to affect my writing at all.

So what is Image Den? Quite simply it's the answer to all of anyone's image needs....In theory. In reality, I am building a photo retouching service, and if that gets going good I will add on. A lot of the building of this site has been done by Turkers, because I like to outsource my work. (Especially scripting...I hate syntax) So look forward to seeing some of these, and kick me a couple times telling me to hurry up and get finished building it.


Blogger Lars said...

what happened to image den?

Are you still working on it?

Let me know I'm very interested

7:22 PM  

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