Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Trivia Research Department has posted a large number (700+) of HITs that have Turkers write puzzle clues for 3 cents.

Here's the one I got
Puzzle Category: Sports Puzzles
Puzzle Subcategory: NBA Star
Supportive Information:

Write a Cryptic Clue that will be used it the above puzzle. The clue is to help the player guess the PUZZLE ANSWER

Now I have no idea who Jalen Rose is... Other then apparently a NBA player so this isn't worth 3 cents to me. But hey if you are into sports and know this sort of stuff, plus a total puzzle master in your spare time (ha, puzzle master) then I hope you jump on these HITs and have fun.

Now this is an interesting idea, let's say 700 trivia questions would take one person probably a month to write...Let's say they make 30,000 a year thus 2,500 a month then with mTurk they are only paying 21 dollars for 700 thus saving 2479 dollars if it works out....By my rough calculations. Plus it gets done way quicker. I'm surprised more businesses aren't experimenting with mTurk if these savings are as realistic as they seem.


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