Wednesday, November 16, 2005

HIT's Auto-Accepted After 30 days

Finally we can be at ease that we won't have HIT's pending for the rest of our lives. According to an email from Amazon, HIT's still pending after 30 days are automatically accepted (from AAI posted on Turk Nation)

"Generally there is 30-day time period in which if a requester has
not approved a result it will be automatically approved."

Not many other updates, things have been pretty quiet, approvals not going as fast as everyone would hope, the servers seem to be becoming more stable, there's no clear sign of any bots, and the newness of the Image Adjustments is wearing off.....People are getting less and less HIT's done, as this becomes a "normal" everyday part of Turkers lives. Personally I've been less strict with myself and dropped down to 900 HIT's today....Pathetic...But I was pushing myself too hard...Money isn't everything but it sure is nice to have..heh.

As well Chris Thomas's "Quicker Image Adjustment" Greasemonkey script has been updated. Personally I've gone back to just the auto-accept because of the memory leak issue (Chris's script crashes most people's browsers after 30 minutes.) The new version let's you choose which style of scrolling and has auto-accept built in.


Anonymous CThomas said...

BTW, the memory leak in the Quick Image Adjust script has been fixed.

4:24 AM  

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