Friday, November 18, 2005

Link Attack

Here's all the sites that I've found that are dedicated to MTurk, if you know of anymore please post them in the comments. - Nice blog/forums, first site that I've seen that someone actually put a little money and some work into the building of.....Though it feels a little bloated

MTruk - Humorous parody site

Turk Lurker - Nice blog on Mechanical Turk that puts thing into perspective from someone out of his youth

Turk Toiling - Blog with typical updates and some nice insight

Turker Nation - The goto place for forum discussion on MTurk

Another MTurk Blog - So-so Blog on MTurk

The Knight's Tour - Very nice, sleek blog on MTurk

Also there's Mechnical Turk Photoblog which is great....But seems to be dead this morning...Perhaps the address changed


Blogger Alan said...

I'll get you for that snide little comment you whippersnapper, and your little dog too!

3:04 PM  
Blogger Eric Cranston said...

I just try to be truthful.......heh

would you rather I use "The perspective of someone with a mature point of view"....heh

4:05 PM  

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