Friday, November 18, 2005

Getting your Money if your Not in the US

Ok....Now Amazon has been rather inconsiderate, and done what us Americans tend to do, totally ignore the rest of the world. Obviously there are English speakers all over, that want to make some spare cash in their free time. But currently you can only transfer money to a US bank account, and when buying off, shipping can kill you.

So the solution (brainstormed up on Turk Nation, thanks sandoz)

Simply find an item on eBay that is going for about the same as it costs from

Let's say a recent video game, Mario Kart DS

Here's a listing on ebay and here's one on Amazon. So once you have enough money including shipping, transfer it over to Amazon. Then make a listing on ebay for whatever item you decide would work best. Tell bidders that it will be shipped new directly from Amazon perhaps even explain why (make sure to target US bidders) Then once someone bids and the auction ends, purchase it on Amazon. Put their address in the shipping and bam! You just got your money via ebay which has a lot more payment options.

Problems with this is that your item could sell for less then it costs you, losing you MTurk money. As well this is kinda a pain comparable to just directly transferring it to your bank account. But Hey! It works. Until Amazon supports other payment options....which could be a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell? "Inconsiderate"?! Since when was it, an AMERICAN company, obligated to serve people from other countries? Also, nice job on the stereotype. "and done what us Americans tend to do, totally ignore the rest of the world."? So how many of the 330 million Americans have you talked to to come up with such an asinine statement? How is what you said any different than saying that all British people have bad teeth, or that Jewish people are all greedy?

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