Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Age of Confirming Artists

Well I've started watching TV a lot more again, Turking as I watch but still it kills my speed.

Anyways on news, Mechanical Turk has been littered with a few Image Adjustments but mostly just Confirm Artist HIT's.

Also I've seen a few Podcast HIT's lately. My advice to everyone, try one or two but then stop doing them. Let's say you can type out what they say perfectly at the speed they say it...Each clip is about 30 seconds long....So if you write a script that makes it so you can do them back to back with no wait time, you would make (they pay 4 cents) $4.80 an hour. Now unless you just rock at typing, which some of you do. You're more likely to get about $2 an hour. Edit: According to sandoz, the one's that have been showing up are tests...that will lead to higher paying ones, I've missed these forum posts myself.

Of course there may be a few of you out there, that could simply speed up the recording by let's say 3x.. And type it at that speed...For you the podcasts are defiantly worth it. Though I'm certainty not one of those people. Put simply let's make them raise the price on these podcasts....Don't do them unless there are no other HIT's to do, they aren't worth it.


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