Thursday, January 05, 2006

A9 Is Back!

Just a followup to the new A9 Qualifications, here's the info on these new HIT's Yellow Pages : Business URL Matching

Please visit the web address provided and determine if it is a highly relevant website for the business specified in the HIT. You should answer "Yes" if: * The website is the primary website for the business in question, even if the address isn't a perfect match. * The website is a subset of the broader business listed (e.g. if the website is that of a teacher's, but the business listed is the school's name.) * The website is a superset of the business listed (e.g. if the website is for the corporate parent but the business listed is for an individual franchise.)

Can I say sweet? Ok so maybe they won't put too many of these HIT's out. But let's say they put every single business name matched website, on there for 2 or 1 cent. Awesome. My bandwidth is going to die. But tons of work to do. And easy fast work at that. I'm so drooling.


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