Friday, January 06, 2006

Get Paid to Take Photos!

Matthew Haines has posted up a new test HIT entitled "Take photos of properties in 10027.". Inside it says

Coming Soon! $2 per HIT!

For the address below, please take three photos. The first photo should be a direct shot of the building in which the top, bottom, left, and right side of the building are all visible and about 10% in from the edge of the photo. The second shot should be a closeup clearly showing the street number of the property. The third photo should be a shot of the street signs at the nearest intersection showing the name of the street and the name of the intersecting street.

Set your camera's resolution so that the longer edge of the pictures is between 900 and 1200 pixels across. If there are trees, cars, or other obstructions blocking the house or building from clear view, move side to side on the sidewalk to get the clearest view possible. Choose the time of day according to where the sun will be so that you get good exposure. Overly dark pictures will be rejected.

After you take the pictures, upload them to Each time you upload a photo the server will give you a token. (A token is a 12-20 character identifier for the picture.) Put that token in the appropriate text input box below.

For anyone in New York the given address is "205 West 123rd Street, New York, NY 10027" (but this is a test HIT paying 0 cents)

Now 2 dollars isn't half bad, if you live a couple streets over. And despite my personal estimates (I could be totally off) of their being 6,000 active turkers. I doubt many photos will be taken. If I ever see one for my town, I will defiantly go across town rather pointlessly to take pictures. Just because it'd be fun to do once or twice. But I can't see this taking off. Though I am rather curious as to what exactly these HIT's are for.


Anonymous Jay said...

All that just for $2!? Man you are right when you say that aint gone take off.

11:36 PM  

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