Saturday, February 11, 2006

New HIT: Community Created Content

A new HIT from Vinay P Vaidya, what's you to create some content for this site,, in exchange for a dollar. I would try it out but alas I know nothing of Bangalore City. Here's the instruction from the HIT:

" is an attempt to build
community generated content for Bangalore City. You can create
community listings for Tourist attractions, Restaurants, Neighborhoods
and Blogs. All you have to do is go to and
create listings. After you create 5 listings, specify the names
of the listings in the following text box. If your listings are
considered as valuable by the review board, you
will be paid $1. What are you waiting for, share your knowledge,
opinions and impressions of bangalore with others and earn money !!"

Sounds kind of fun...If you actually knew the city...Researching online might work but doubtful you'd easily find anything not already on there.


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