Sunday, March 12, 2006

HowTo: Cheat at Take a Photo HIT's

A new "Take a Photo" HIT has shown up, this ones pays $45 dollars for taking 18 photos in Lake Tapps, WA. The requested photos are of street view, and a view of the front of the house of 9 different houses, exactly what they want is made very clear in samples provided.

Now how does someone cheat at this? Submit photos of different houses with numbers changed via photoshop? Take pictures of houses with no addresses on them? No.

Quite simply you go online and find a house or two for sale in the area of the pictures requested. You then call up the realtor and tell them that you will pay them 30 dollars or so to take the requested pictures for you (don't mention anything about mTurk, make up some story as to why you want them). If the realtor wants more pay, simply call another in the area. Now I'm not sure if this would work...But there's some other options, like finding someone on a social network or chat room that lives in the city and making an arrangement to pay them enough to make it worth their time, and not letting them realize that you are actually making money out of it.

You would essentially be contracting out work that has been contracted to you, cheating yes, but I don't think the requester (DSK Consulting) would mind. Maybe my idea is brilliant or maybe it's retarded...I haven't tried it yet, but I might eventually...If anyone does try it be sure to email me, or post on a forum on the experience.


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