Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just Call n Ask!

Call n Ask appears to be a new mTurk powered service still in early development. The basic idea is when you are out on the street and have a question, just call them up and your question is researched and found on the web.

The site itself doesn't mention mTurk, but a couple of test HIT's have been spotted. So putting two and two together, they plan on recording the questions and then sending them to mTurk for Turkers to complete. Now this isn't a new type of service to mTurk, Crikey Guru is the same idea, but this is a whole new way to send the question.

Personally I don't have a cell phone, but such a service as this would be really great, perhaps pay a modest fee per a month and you the you could call up anytime and ask a question. Then get a vocal response minutes later. Curiosity and sometimes the need to know this and that happens all the time. Of course payment could be tricky, but I trust that they will iron out all the bumps.


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