Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Finding Queries with mTurk

These HIT's seem interesting..Though time consuming if you want to return good results for the one cent. Here's the instructions

Find good queries for a URL.

Query Finding Guidelines

I want three queries that characterize
the given URL. One query per text-box, please.

  • Queries should be such that if someone were to search on it, the URL in question would be a reasonable result.
  • Queries should be at least two words long.
  • Let's review. QUERIES MUST BE AT LEAST TWO WORDS LONG. How many words does a query have to have? At least two. Two or more shall be the number of words in the query, and the number of words in the query shall be two or more.
  • The query shouldn't be too generic. "Money", "Success" and "health" are BAD queries, because they are too generic. The queries should be SPECIFIC to the given URL.
So what I get from this is that they are trying to find keywords to target on search engines...By using potential users. Which is a great idea, but paying 1 cent isn't going to get them much more then what's on the top of people's heads. I'd say up it to 5 cents and they will get a lot better results. Oh and for those who are curious here is a sample url from the HIT's . Overrall this is an interesting idea...but appears like it will need some tweaking.


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