Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Amazon at eTech 06

Amazon's Luis Felipe Cabrera's speech at eTech 06 on mTurk hasn't brought any new information on the future of mTurk to the table but the news article is an interesting read on the theoretical application of mTurk. Of course mTurk has yet to live up to the vision the Amazon has for it (Thousands of simple tasks that are easily done by humans but difficult for machines), but it's still young in life. Well see how it evolves in the next 6 months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought this was interesting:

"To illustrate the idea, Cabrera cited a test in which, Amazon's search engine, asked average users to fulfill "human intelligence tasks" (HITs)"

Looks like the A9 HITs were first and foremost a test of the Mturk system. Darn, I was still hoping they'd make a comeback someday. :-)

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those HITs were truly a task A9 needed to have done. I think the "test" aspect was whether mTurk as a good place for A9 to get the work done. Given the large number of scammers who always entered NOTO/NOTA, I doubt we'll see any more A9 HITs even when they get more pictures. They'll probably hire some high school kid or someone in India who will do the work for the same price they paid on mTurk, but will actually look at the pictures rather than just clicking NOTO.

8:25 AM  

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