Monday, March 06, 2006

mTurk API Updated

Amazon has updated the mTurk API, though the changes seem to be mostly minor.

From Amazon Developer Forums
  • HIT Types. You can now define HIT types to manage work that takes the form of many similar HITs. A HIT type is simply a set of values for HIT properties that are common to all HITs of a particular type. You can now use a HIT type ID to create HITs with the property values of a HIT type, and to query for HITs of a given type.

  • "Reviewing" HITs. When a HIT becomes "reviewable," such as when results have been submitted for all of the HIT's assignments or the HIT has reached its expiration time, your application can now move the HIT to a new status, called "reviewing." Your application can query for "reviewable" HITs and "reviewing" HITs separately, giving your application greater flexibility in how it reviews HITs.

  • Updatable Qualification tests. You can now change the Qualification test for a Qualification type at any time using the UpdateQualificationType operation.

  • New Qualification request fields. A request for a Qualification now includes the ID of the user who is requesting the Qualification. The request also includes the test question data that corresponds to the user's answer data. If you change the test for a type, you can keep track of which version of the test a user took by looking at the request data.


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how can i get ask hits qualification from

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