Sunday, July 30, 2006

HIT: Lookup People!

So Amazon seems to be using mTurk to create a database of people from lists that they have collected.

The HITs pay one cent and have you research the following about a given name
Whether he/she is alive or dead.
What his/her gender is.
What his/her birthday is.
What his/her profession is.
His/her page on (if one exists). Use the fully qualified URL e.g.
The best website (NOT on for information about the him/her. Use the full qualified URL e.g.
I got Clint Eastwood from the Top Movie Directors List. The information for him was rather easy to find...

This appears to possibly be another part of the "Rank Your Top 3's". Where now they are referencing the names given. Especially considering the first question is whether or not the name is a person. Heh. Anyways have fun with these...I really don't see how 1 cent is worth someone's time....Bump it up to 3 cents and I'd be on it like crazy. But 1? When at the very least the person has to perform a search and copy and paste two links? Not the best example to other Requesters. But at the same time I guarantee the 4k of them posted will be gone within a day or two (Of July 30th).


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