Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm Officially Addicted

This morning I woke up out of a dream of me MTurking. No joke I was MTurking in my sleep, too bad I wasn't sleepwalking...Then I could make money in my sleep...Which would own. Anyways some updates.
  • MTurk has been slower today then usual (Sunday), and while I've been on has gone down three times....I expect this is a sorta second wave of high traffic. Usually new sites will have the first big rush and then a second one that will also take it done but it won't be hit as hard....Or maybe they are just updating the servers.
  • I've personally managed to get above 8000 HIT's now....Which feels awesome. As well I have accumlated more then $100 in earnings (tons more pending too), though the 2 dollar bank transfer I tried has yet to go through. But my bank still hasn't been open since I tried so hopefully that's the problem.
  • Finally I have had one day about a week ago approve or reject all of the HIT's that I did that day. So they do eventually all get off pending....hopefully amazon will fix it so they get approved or rejected faster.
  • A few interesting trends, that I've been noticing. I keep doing the same Image Adjustments over and over....I swear I've ID'ed a few businesses like 5 times. I work mostly in the same cities because I become familiar with them and I can get more HIT's done once I am familiar....But still are they just trying to keep us busy or why the repeats? I can't be confirming my own can I? Especially not over and over.
  • As well I've noticed whenever the HIT's get low (only around 5k or so left), many new groups show back up but never new towns just the same old ones. Are we in some pointless cycle? (well pointless for Amazon not for us as long as we are making money) maybe a glitch of sorts? Or maybe they want an active force to be ready for some future projects....Or perhaps this is a demonstration to other companies that there system is capable of doing work for them....I really need to download the API and see if it can give me insight on how the approval process and other such works....
Anyways Good Luck out there MTurking.


Anonymous drekmonger said...

I've already scanned through the API. The mechanism for approval is entirely up to the requestor...

There's a call to retrieve a completed HIT, reject a completed HIT, and approve a completed HIT. Wether or not to approve a HIT is logic that is coded by the requestor.

From my observations, the critia for approval and disapproval of the A9 HITs is evolving. As of late Saturday, early Sunday, the HITs seem to approve if X (possible 3 or 4) people click the same answer to a single HIT. Otherwise, the HIT is reguritated for a tie-breaker.

The system doesn't seem to keep track of who's done what HIT--at least it doesn't seem as such based on my quick read of the API. And HITs can be set to done multiple times.

So, it's possible that a single person (or bot) to recieve the same HIT 3 or 4 times. If you answer it the same way each time, then you'll get that many HITs accepted.

I've noticed HITs I've completed end up in what I believe are the "tie-breaker" requests. These are the HIT groups for a city that contain just a few dozen HITs. When I complete such a HIT idetically to a prior HIT, I've noticed the number of HITs accepted in my dashboard increment by 2.

The trick would then be to guess how other people would answer the HIT, rather than try to answer the HIT itself. Unfortantly, I think there's a lot of people zipping through the HITs and not paying close attention--so even if a single person correctly identifies a buisness, he could be outvoted by 3 zombies clicking "none of the above".

6:02 PM  
Anonymous drekmonger said...

drekmonger again:

Very interesting, the None of the above option is gone, replaced by a (buggy) image that is suppose to say "None of these locations represent the address". Probably an anti-bot mechanism.

6:14 PM  
Blogger cobaltgrc said...

interesting. So each time we do a HIT we are voting for which picture best represents the store front?

9:29 PM  

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