Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Little More on How they take the BlockView Pictures

Well I finally found what I've been looking for on BlockView thanks to a comment by Fan Wang on Turk Lurker. This page has a nice video on how they take the pictures (which is a pretty basic system, gps+cameras) I am very surpised that they have the cameras on top of the vechicles, I had assumed that they were inside so as to not have the creepy affect (big brother is watching) well in reflections of the vechicle I've never seen the cameras that are obviously there in these pictures. Perhaps they even changed the setup, determining that the creepyness factor was worth the beter pictures. Or maybe I'm just blind. Lastly it looks like BlockView is an active project, in fact you can even apply. That'd be a pretty cool job actually, just drive around and see a city, sure you have to setup the system but then it's just smooth driving.


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