Monday, December 12, 2005

Word Verification

Apparently the Mechs has added word verification to the HIT's. I haven't seen this myself...Mainly because I haven't seen any HIT's lately....But there's several threads on it.

Hopefully it doesn't show up too often...Once out of every 100 or so is fine...But more often becomes just annoying. But this is a standard anti-bot measure, that works well for most sites. Though usually it's for something like registration, not something like HIT's where a single user does hundreds to thousands a day...So we'll see if it's around for long. Expect tweaking of it, and some weirdness now and then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They come up after ~25 HITS.
You will know it, the script will get stuck in a loop. Just disable greasemonkey, fill out the word, submit the HIT, enable greasemonkey, click accept and you are back on your way for ~25 more.

8:32 AM  

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