Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pheromone Trail Advertising

A new type of HIT called " Instrumentation" from Amazon pays you one dollar to put one of their badges on your site. Personally 1 dollar isn't enough to justify polluting this blog. Though I wonder what's to keep people from quickly making a site or blog and doing this to it. Heck it says "You may perform this HIT for as many websites as you like." I have probably 100 or so abandoned websites. It would be a bit of a pain butwould be well worth 100 dollars. Of course almost all of these have no traffic and suck. So ya, the modules themselves show where people come to the site from and where they go to. So interesting, but no thanks.


Anonymous er1ca said...

i actually tried doing this. i added the badge to my site and then entered my site's address on mechanical turk. then i get this error message:

Your submission has errors:

* _1.Question 1=[The text you entered is shorter than the size limit of 50 characters. Your entry was 24 characters long.

Please correct these errors and resubmit.

so i tried entering the address for one of my post pages which was longer... and i get an error that the address is too long.

needless to say, I'm taking the badge back off.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now there's a Logo design contest. I was going to say '$5 is kind of low for designing a logo' but when I clicked more details, it is $100 for winning, $5 for entering: would like your help in designing a new logo. Review the website at, look at the sample logos and the guidelines at, then submit your design. To submit a design, place your logo image on a webpage, and enter the URL of that page in the HIT answer section. All submissions are subject to the terms and conditions at Legitimate entries will receive $5 for the hit. The winning entry will receive $100. [Powered by]

A Cog

6:32 PM  

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