Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Got a Light?

There's been a survey type HIT up for a while (meaning everyone can do it once) from Ian McAfee, that asks you to report back the exact cost of cigarettes for big name brands where you live . And I can't help but have this thought jump into my head every time I see it, that this guy is deciding on where he is moving based on cigarette prices. Haha!

What is he seriously doing? Who knows....Perhaps he has data on how many people smoke in different regions and he's going to make a pretty graph showing the relationship between price and the number of smokers. Or maybe his son will soon be going off to college and he wants him to only apply to colleges in high priced smoking regions. Or perhaps this man is part of the "evil tobacco companies" and they plan to use this data to raise prices accordingly.

On that note, I will now insert a simple PSA. Throwing cigarette butts out of your car window can cause forest fires....Killing Bambi's friends (Bambi can't die because he is a main character and it's a kids movie).


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