Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Turkers are getting....Picky. Little Brats.

So today Amazon reposted the "Name that Website" HITs with "(higher pay)" added to the title. They gave Turkers a whole 4 cent raise (they paid 1 cent, now they pay five) There are 6,670 posted...That is $66.70 at 1 cent and $333.50 at 5 cents, quite the difference in cost. But are the Turkers biting? Doesn't look like it so far. The HITs sound pretty simple, they give you a name from the "Rank Your Top 3" results data. And have you find the best website for the business. Simple right? But let's factor in misspellings, the fact that small businesses don't always have websites and when they do, they don't tend to list high in search engines. So it's not that easy of a job.

But looking at trends in mTurk, it looks like Turkers may simply be becoming a picky bunch, with fewer and fewer new Turkers be born because all the hype about mTurk is basically dead. The current ones have learned to stop complaining at pricing and to simply not do tasks they don't feel like doing. Heck in the last 30 days I've only done 9 HITs (But I'm a lazy Turker). Amazon has always treated the Turkers as though they were expendable...Since there are always more fish in the sea of bored people on the internet. But, apparently these fish aren't finding the bait...So the question is...Will Requesters raise prices and show a little more concern for Turkers? Doubtfully. But I can see them using better bait. Or maybe just paying for work in Chinese currency? Only time will tell. Tune in next week for "Turkers Gone Lurkin OR Chinese Takeover!" (Sorry I've been watching to much Rocky and Bullwinkle, good show though)


Anonymous Zachary W. said...

I kinda agree with Mturk being dead... Every once in a while, I visit, but I just can't get into it like I once did. Damn supply and demand pricing!

I've moved on to for now- you might want to do an article on that. I'm sure you have heard of it somewhere- the 'assisted search engine,'

It is invite only, and yeah, there is a referral bonus, so I'm not gonna post a link- I swear I am not posting out of greed! I just find it to be a nice addition to Mturk in my little internet things. It pays $5 per active hour, starting, moving up to $10, with experience. I think it goes after the same crowd Mturk does.

If you think this goes against your blog... sorry. Feel free to delete. I just think it is a cool thing for Mturkers to know.

If you want to give it a try, my email is riddar. Thats at I'll be happy to spare an invite. I know... I feel like a creep, with the invite thing, but there are no open signups right now.

7:57 PM  

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