Thursday, November 02, 2006

Little of this, a little of that

So I've had bad updater ship lately. Sorry!

First off there's a nice article on Turking by the Christian Science Monitor.
Which states that the reason AskForCents stopped was because of NowNow and Askville, afraid of some corporate competition?

Secondly, von Kemplen is actively back into mTurk, they've had some weird test HITs up, that allow you to draw right in mTurk (using VNC on EC2!!) As well I've been seeing some language translations up from them.

The YRUHRN book is great, I am somewhat disappointed in all of the Turk references, which makes it less interesting to my non-turker friends. But as a Turker it's a wonderful book that gives you insight into what sort of people the Turkers are.

That pretty much wraps things up. I'll try to get back into my regular cycle of posting like I should.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AFAIK Askforcents didn't stop - they were "taking a break", and they "partially came back up" a few weeks ago... I don't know if it's back up and running yet.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you think its [i]odd[/i] that a small time person is a little disturbed that Amazon took the idea he started and ran with it, throwing more money that he possibly could have? This has been discussed many times at Turker Nation, and you didn't understand it there, either. Read the article. The founder of AskForCents tells you why he got out of the business. I suppose you can call everyone an idiot now even though he confirms what your "idiots" said.

Why do both of your links go to NowNow rather than having a link to AskVille?

3:48 PM  
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