Thursday, January 12, 2006

HIT Builder - No Programming/Scripting Needed!

DPA Software, a new player to the mTurk scene has launched a site called "HIT Builder". It's a very slick and pretty simple tool to create your own HIT's. I played with the options and it all seemed pretty nice. Maybe I'll ask someone to write me a story or something later today.

The ability to make your own qualifications is coming soon but not implemented yet. The service is currently free, but their FAQ says that may change once HIT Builder leaves Beta. It's got tons of "Getting Started" tidbits everywhere and it all around seems like a great product considering it just launched. I'm looking forward to seeing HIT's coming from people using it.

If your interested make sure you go get a requestors account and put some money in your Amazon account.

Edit: I had a little bit of difficulty figuring out where to find my Secret ID and AccessKeyID. So here's where to go to get yours. You signup for an AWS account there, then they email you and there's a link in the email.


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