Thursday, November 02, 2006

Can You Speak Italian?

von Kempelen sure hopes you can! 12 HITs have shown up that pay varying rates. Exactly how much per paragraph I have no idea, because you can't see these HITs without accepting them and you can't accept them without an English to Italian L1 Qualification Score of 50 or more. Granted my Italian is far weaker then my English (aka me no speakie italianie), but I do love pizza. Does that count von Kempelen? Come on....please? No? Darn.

But seriously it's nice to see these sorts of HITs on mTurk. Paying for translation work is expensive, but there's tons of people out there that are bilingual (most of Europe last I heard). And if you are actually fluent in two languages, it seems to me like it'd be a semi-effortless job (yes? Or say you are trying to become fluent and you have a pretty good grasp, you just need some experience, translation HITs would be a great way to get it. And pass the time and make a little cash while you are at it. Then once you got the hang of 7 languages or so, go get a nice 6 digit job with some company.


Blogger ctrl-alt-canc said...

I tried to get a qualification for L2 English to Italian, but got a 0 qualification point. I am Italian and studied English as a second language... (I translate from English to Italian way better than I write in English!)
IMHO the text to translate for the qualification wasn't hard, though it contained a "false friend" mistranslated by some other ones trying to qualify. How do I know what they did in their tests? After some time that the HITs were there, some new HITs from von Kempelen appeared, asking L2 English to Italian qualified turkers to rate L1 qualifying tests. The test translations were visible to everyone with the "view a hit..." function! This could have caused many "copied" translations to appear, and I'm not sure that having L2 rate L1 tests is a very good idea - what if some of them just wanted to keep away potential concurrents?

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