Monday, December 11, 2006

Get Paid to Pirate!

Here's a new use of mTurk that I haven't seen before from Nat. He'll pay you a whole 15 cents to:

Find entire The Handing Down by Ed Gerhard in MP3 Format and upload it here.

So, I tried checking to make sure the song isn't in public domain and I don't see any evidence that it is. In fact, here you can go get the album it's in, for 15 bucks.

So Nat, I like your creativity. But if you want to pirate some songs, go get Limewire and leave the Turkers out of it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!


12:29 PM  
Anonymous Sergio said...

I ran across a few of these recently as well: a HIT that asks you to find sources for copyrighted media and post links. Since the ones I saw requested as many links as I could find for a particular media source, I'm assuming that in this case the requesters are likely trolling for infringing links that they can issue takedown notices for, or some other such purpose. I declined to participate. It's interesting to occasionally think about the applications and implications of seemingly innocuous HITs.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

hahaha! that's funny!

There is some really dodgy stuff on MTurk, it's really like anything goes for Amazon.


10:39 AM  

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